Katsu specializes in two core services : Business Advisory Services and Telematics Solutions

Our Business Advisory Services

Like boxing's Sparring Partner, Companion© aids executives by sharing experiences, enhancing clarity to address leadership challenges effectively.
Mobile finance: Strategy, distribution, Product & service development
We focuse on distribution optimization and developing tailored products and services, including market analysis and technology integration.
Data processing & Forecast
We help clients make data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.
Business development & marketing
Leveraging insights, innovative techniques for growth, market expansion, empowering businesses to thrive, optimize strategies, and succeed.
Business management & strategy consulting
We offer guidance to organizations to enhance operational efficiency, grow market presence, and achieve long-term objectives.
Engineering & Project management
We offer expertise in project design, optimization, and coordination.
Company establishment & delegated company administration
Expert guidance, seamless business setup, efficient management, letting you focus on success while ensuring compliance.
Intermediation, financing & equity participation
Excel in business connections, secure finances, facilitate equity participation, ensuring growth and success for companies.

Our Telematics services

Vehicule Tracking
Real-time location monitoring for efficient fleet management and enhanced security.
Fleet management
Comprehensive solutions for optimizing fleet operations, ensuring efficiency, and minimizing costs.
Generator monitoring
Remote monitoring of generators for optimal performance, preventive maintenance, and operational reliability.
Fuel monitoring
Precision tracking of fuel consumption to optimize costs and reduce operational inefficiencies.
Driver Assistance
Enhancing driver safety and performance through real-time insights and proactive support.
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